Saturday, October 1, 2011

Part the First

The first time I met the old man was in the Mansion at the edge of a forest of Starlight.  I was never fond of traveling there; the Stars would always sing to me like phantom nightingales, and their song was always sad and far away, as a dream.  And after meeting the old man and witnessing his demise, the songs chilled me ever more greatly, for I realized that just as Starlight is an aeon old, its song is even older.  They were a lament and an impending doom, and they knew the old man when he was just a boy.  He was so afraid as he sat and sipped his wine.  I remember that.  And his gaze was never wavered from the woman at the opposite end of the room, and she was watching him intently.  I began to notice that as he sipped from his goblet, he began to fade away.  I wanted to warn him of the apparent Poison that she had slipped into his steaming drink, but she had enchanted me with such nightmarish beauty that I could only watch in helpless terror and lust.  After he had faded completely, I found myself in the woman's Garden, where the only light came from giant blooms and stalks like dying Candles.  We made love that hateful night, and even now, I wonder if my sin was really what killed the old man an hour ago, and could it really be my daemon see that helped bring to life the horror that followed.

-Jason Byron


  1. I have a Maudlin shirt with this written on the back. Beautiful...

  2. Yeah, that's where this came from. Greg Massi was kind enough to mail his shirt to me in hopes of recreating at least the back for a new shirt design. The art for the front is no longer available, so we're hashing out what to do there. Luckily the back is feasible. Love Byron's work.

  3. from a very lucky ebay purchase a few years ago :)

  4. I'm going to be explicit here

    I'd suck a dick for that shirt