Thursday, November 4, 2010

Part the Second Photos

Here are a few photos I've taken of the Part the Second vinyl.  Enjoy!
 This is the first pallet that has ever been delivered to my house.  500 Gatefold jackets!
 No, those aren't chinese fans...

 Here's a shot of the outside of the jacket...
 ...and here's the inside.  Did I mention how awesome Toby Driver's artwork is?

 Here's a shot of the light blue swirl, followed by the yellow swirl.

I have to comment on the amount of variation in the coloring of the vinyl.  Upon opening the packages I found that a handful are very colorful (being predominantly light blue or yellow), many are lightly colored as was the original intent (like the ones pictured), and some are so faint that that they basically look like speckled/swirled white.  I'm going to separate out these white copies and sell them as such, so no one is disappointed in the color they receive.  Once I have an accurate count I'll adjust the pressing numbers in the store.  Please rest assured if you have ordered a blue or yellow, that is what you will receive.  Again, we can't guarantee they will look anything like these pictures, but they'll be colored!  Thanks to everyone who ordered and has waited patiently for these.  It's been awesome working with Toby to bring this release to life.  We greatly appreciate your support, and look forward to bringing you more great releases in the near future!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

maudlin of the Well Vinyl is In Stock!

Finally all the pieces of the Part the Second vinyl have arrived.  We are working hard to package all of the pre-orders and get them shipped out this week.  Thanks so much to everyone who ordered for your support and your patience!  Pictures of everything will be posted very soon.

Just a heads up, we've already gone through just about half of the light blue copies, and a little under half of the yellow.  If you've been waiting until they were in stock to order, now is the time!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The New Face of Antithetic Records

Antithetic Records is proud to unveil our new logo!  We'd like to thank our close friend, Joe Bauman of State College, PA, for all his hard work.  It looks great!  Shirts and stickers coming soon...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Check Out the NEW Artwork!

As we had mentioned in the previous post, The cover art was being tweaked for the final release.  Toby Driver just finished up the editing yesterday, and as you can see, it looks fantastic!  Much more vibrant and cleaner than before, which will translate very well to the 12"x12" gatefold jackets.  The art has been sent to the printer to generate proofs.  The labels were sent to the pressing plant last week and records should be in production right now.  Its getting very close!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Slight Delay

Hey everyone.  Just wanted to let you all know that there's been a couple delays in the Part the Second vinyl.  The original labels that I ordered to be pressed onto the records weren't right for pressing.  They were actually stickers, cut to the size of the vinyl labels, to be self attached to each record.  I'm all for promoting the DIY ethic, but I wasn't about to stick 2000 labels onto records, so we had to get them remade for pressing.  The bad news is that it pushed back record production a couple weeks, the good news is that everyone is getting a set of 4 stickers!  One other item is that the cover artwork is being tweaked so that it looks proper in the large 12"x12" format.  It was originally formatted to be viewed on a computer screen, so Toby wants to make sure it is perfect before we have them made.  I am anticipating that everything will be made by Friday, 10/15, pre-orders will be packed that weekend and shipped out on the follwing Monday, 10/18.  Again, this is just an estimate.  Keep an eye on this blog or our facebook/twitter pages for any updates.  As soon as the final product is in hands, expect to see a lot of awesome pictures!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Part the Second 2xLP Pre-Order is Live!

The Part the Second 2xLP is now available for pre-order in our online store. Test pressings have arrived and they sound amazing! 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Part the Second - Progress

An update regarding the Part the Second vinyl release.  The audio has been remastered for vinyl, and the files have been sent to Aardvark Record Mastering in Colorado to create the lacquer masters and plates.  They'll be shipped directly to Alpha Music for pressing once they are complete.  Test pressings should be made in the next 3 weeks!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

maudlin of the Well on Vinyl

Its taken quite a while, but maudlin of the Well finally have an album available on vinyl!  Part the Second, 2009's self-released and fan-funded album will be released as a 2xLP on Antithetic Records.  This release will be limited to 500 copies, in two colorways that will correspond with the album art.  It will come housed in a full color gatefold jacket with a full color insert, and the vinyl labels will display the song specific artwork.  The audio is being remastered specifically for this release.  This will be one beautiful release, and I couldn't be happier about being a part of it!  Pre-orders will be up once the test pressings have been approved, hopefully in mid-August.  In the meantime, check back to see details on the progress.