Friday, October 21, 2011

maudlin of the Well Preorder is LIVE!

It's finally here. Time to preorder the maudlin of the Well box set!!

USA & Canada - Order through Antithetic

Rest of the World - Order through Blood Music

I hear these make an excellent Christmas present!


  1. Wow, what a shit deal for the rest of us.

    So instead of paying the equivalent of ~£55, which is what those in the US+Canada pay, I have to cough up nearly £70 before shipping just because I'm in Europe? Yeah, Merry Christmas, assholes. Fuck Antithetic.

  2. Oh, and just in case someone wants to comment on exchange rates, the set prices on both sites for Euro and USD sales shows that Blood Music are overcharging by more than $20, so fuck them too.

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  4. I'm sure they're doing it to take advantage of you. It wouldn't be because of additional costs they're need to cover or anything.

    That does suck though.

  5. Right. Additional costs that inflate the grand total to $131.40. Remind me what American and Canadian residents are paying? It would literally be cheaper to have it shipped directly from the US.

  6. Well hell, I hope I got in before the signed stuff goes. It is rather overpriced unfortunately but they've got me for a sucker here.

  7. Auslander, where are you? In UK?

    Your figures are a bit wrong for several reasons.

    1) Our cost includes part of the shipping built into it. This is a heavy set, and we are shipping within Europe, which includes high taxes. Our shipping fee is roughly 20e per set, NOT the 12.50e that is quoted. I can provide the information (in Finnish only) to prove it.

    2) Antithetic can ship to you for around $35. $75 + $35 = $110

    3) In total, our cost to the UK (77.50e) is $107.

    4) This is still loads cheaper than you would pay from USA because we are also including VAT in our price. If you would import the set from USA, you'd be hit with a 20% VAT + customs fee. No questions asked, that is the thing that would happen. That is $110 + 20% = $132 MINIMUM.

    USA cost $132 vs. $107 from us.

    If you have further questions about prices or costs, please contact us.

    These sets are priced only marginally above our costs. We are making a fully deluxe package in a very small order.

    -Blood Music

  8. Based on the shipping weight actually being just over 4 pounds (we had previously thought it was going to be just under), these would have to ship via Priority International from the US, which would cost $43. So you're at $118 before the 20% VAT and customs fees (which won't be cheap on an item valued at $75). Take it or leave it, we're doing the absolute best for all parties here. Hope this helps to shed some light on the pricing and why we decided to do this as a split release.


  9. This is so awesome!! I'm doing happy dances over this. ME. In a maudlin of the Well shirt! ME! *dance dance dance*

    Thank you so much, Shawn, for making this happen.
    Price isn't half bad considering the amount of stuff in this and what it is.