Monday, June 27, 2011


A quick and very exciting update!  LURKERS PATH recently did an interview with our label, and has posted it here: Antithetic Records Interview  They are also offering yet another way for you to win a FREE TEST PRESS of Stained Glass!  After reading the article, post a comment explaining how you heard of our label and what release you're looking forward to most.  The contest will be open until the records are in hand and ready to ship.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Releases Confirmed for the Rest of 2011 (aka The Motherload)

Things have been incredibly busy and exciting over the last two months for our little label.  We are scheduled to have not one, not two, not three, but seven (7!) more releases either starting or shipping out between now and the end of 2011!  Here's a run down of what's to come:

ANTI-002 - Kayo Dot "Stained Glass" 12" EP (500 copies, 180 gram, 3 colors, 11x11 insert, 11x17 poster) - Preorder late June, Shipping early July.  Don't forget about the preorder giveaway!!!  Here are some pictures of the prizes:

Grand Prize - Artwork & Test Press #5/15:
Runner Up Prize - Test Press #6/15:
Remember, preorder this and get a change to win the original poster art hand painted by Toby Driver and a test press!  If you like to order multiple colors, each copy will get you an additional entry.  We're also giving away a test press to the runner up.  The two test pressings being given away are the lowest numbers of the available group.  There are 15 total, #1-4 are in the hands of the labels/band.

ANTI-003 - Terzij de Horde "A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light" 12" EP (500 copies, 180 gram vinyl (2 colorways), Gatefold jacket w/ revamped artwork) Shipping September/October.  These guys were brought to my attention by our friends at Lurkers Path, and we couldn't be happier to have found them.  They play some intense and furious black metal with doom and hardcore influences. If you've never heard them before, you're in for an unforgettable listen:
Terzij de Horde -  A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light

ANTI-004 - East of the Wall "The Apologist" 2xLP (Just confirmed!! This will likely be 500 copies, 180 gram, Gatefold jackets) Shipping October to coincide with the digital and CD release on Translation Loss.  The Apologist sees East of the Wall writing their first complete album worth of material with this current lineup.  Technical, proggy, and everything in between.  They will be touring this fall w/ Iron Thrones in support of the album.  Don't sleep on this!

ANTI-005 - The Postman Syndrome "Terraforming" 2xLP (500 copies, 180 gram black vinyl, Gatefold jacket, completely revamped artwork) Really want this one to ship along with The Apologist, all depends if the art will be ready.  Stay tuned!

ANTI-006 - Wildernessking "The Writing of Gods in the Sand" 2xLP (100 copies on CD, 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl, gatefold jacket, 11x17 poster) Recording is taking place this month, hope to have the CD's out in October, followed by the vinyl in November/December. 

This post is in conjunction with the unveiling of Wildernessking's new name and logo (seen above).  Previously they went by the name Heathens (listen to their single "Morning").  They have a new Facebook page and will be creating a new bandcamp page as well.  We are proud to be working with such an excellent group of musicians.  Here is a note from the band regarding the new name, logo & album:

"As some of you might know, we are or were in the process of changing our name. We have done so and are now called Wildernessking. The music has expanded and matured, and we feel that what we’re creating is better suited under a new moniker; more specifically our new moniker. The logo was designed by the talented Stephen Wilson of Black Uroborus (

We’ve landed a distribution deal with a great independent label called Antithetic Records who recently put out vinyl only releases for Kayo Dot and Maudlin of the Well. Our album will be released on both CD and vinyl and will clock in around 50 minutes. Cover artist and album release details to be revealed next month. For now, here’s the track listing for The Writing of Gods in the Sand:

Rubicon (The Fleeting Vessel)

Discovery (Chasing the Gods)

River (Nectar of Earth)

Utopia (Throne of Earth)

Surrender (The Ages)

Reveal (Nightfall)

Infinity (And the Dream Continues…)

It’s a little saddening to close the brief chapter that was Heathens, but we’re more than delighted to open a new book. Trust us; it’s a much better read.

Jason, Dylan, Jesse and Keenan

“These are the times of change from the roots to our veins”

ANTI-007 & 8 - maudlin of the Well "Bath & Leaving Your Body Map" 4xLP Box Set.  (Tentatively going to be 300 copies, as a split release between Antithetic Records and Blood Music out of Finland. This will help all the international buyers save on import fees since this thing will be heavy!) This box is still very real, and is on target to start production by the start of November.  This will put a release date on this of December or January.  You will be floored when you hear the final details.  This is going to be MASSIVE.  We'll need to start preorders very early on this one to make it happen.  Rally!

ANTI-009 - Young And In The Way "V." EP (10", 250 copies, 180 gram colored vinyl, embossed jackets) I got in touch with the band about possibly working with them in the future, and it just so happens that they are working on a new EP that will be recorded this summer/fall.  This will be out by the end of the year. YAITW are such a great band, and we're stoked to be working with them on this release!!!  New to their music?  Check out their full length here:
Young And In The Way - I Am Not What I Am

So there you have it.  One hell of an upcoming release schedule, if I do say so myself.  Get excited, the Stained Glass preorder date will be announced this week (as long as the tests are approved!).  Then its a whirlwind of awesome releases straight through to the end of the year!!!