Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Few Updates

Just wanted to list a few things that have been going on in recent weeks.  First up, all of the open motW box set orders have been mailed out!  From the looks of the comments we've been getting, everyone is very happy with them.  That makes us very happy too!  So glad you guys are digging them.  As we stated on our facebook page, we are waiting on replacements discs for the non-box set versions.  Should have those in about 2 weeks of this writing. 

Next up, we've launched the preorder for our next release, The Great Old Ones "Al Azif" in a limited edition digipack w/ exclusive artwork for our US version.  Only 300 are being pressed, and we'll have only 150 available!  You can pick that up here, and check out two of the songs here.

We're making progress with the Wildernessking vinyl.  Just needed to make some tweaks to the artwork and we'll be ready for pressing.  Can't wait to see/hear this album on vinyl!!

Lastly, we will be putting up the preorder for the new Kayo Dot album "Gamma Knife" in the next week or two.  Test pressings for the vinyl have already been approved, and the artwork is being finalized now.  As soon as it is being printed, we'll be posting the preorder.  These will be available in time for Kayo Dot's tour in mid June. 

That's all for now.  Thanks again for everyone's continued interest and support!