Friday, October 21, 2011

maudlin of the Well Preorder is LIVE!

It's finally here. Time to preorder the maudlin of the Well box set!!

USA & Canada - Order through Antithetic

Rest of the World - Order through Blood Music

I hear these make an excellent Christmas present!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

motW Box Set Promo

maudlin of the Well - Bath & Leaving Your Body Map - October 21st

The time has finally come to start placing your orders for this giant box set.  We are going to have the preorders go live on Friday October 21st.  There will be 2 different options to buy.  One will be the box set with all the goodies we've described before, for $75.  The other option will be with a maudlin of the Well shirt (there will actually be two versions as XXL shirts cost a couple dollars more).  These will be for $90 and $92 for S-XL shirts and XXL respectively.  The shirts will not be made available separately from the set, and we are only ordering enough to fill the orders that are placed.  The front design for the shirt is still being finalized, but the back of the shirt will be a replica of the original shirt released in 2001, of which there were only 100 made!  Here's the awesome "Part the First" design that will be on the back:

Please note that there is still a lot of headway to be made on this set, and we are only taking these orders this early in order to help fund it.  Think of it as you helping to make this set become a reality.  We will be posting pictures and progress updates as the production moves forward, to keep you all informed every step of the way.  We hope to have these ready to ship by the end of the year, but please understand that there are often delays in vinyl manufacturing and we cannot guarantee a ship date at this time.  That said, you will know where we are in the process at all times, and you will be making something truly amazing happen in the underground metal community!!  Thank you in advance for your support of this project.  Feel free to help us advertise the preorder date on any forums or blogs that you may be a member of or affilated with.  Remember that Antithetic is handling US & Canada orders and Blood Music is handling the rest of the world.