Wednesday, October 12, 2011

V. Eternal Depression Preorder is Live


Veritas mons manet in aeternum
Treading vesicant water we devour the voice ov the eternal ocean ~Venator.
Descension into void and valley, marking our tracks to vanish from the “vein”
Viver in vacuo
We thrust vagility into the void – an invincible violence (invulnerable and viperine) – which we call a "man of cold time" (that who is vorpal).
Woes to the gathering of vehement violins whose vastness envelops the vorago and devours the sun.
Vincere Aquilonis
“Vivat” to the viduous willing.
“Long live” to the voice in the void.
May the darkest linger, Vocem in irritum, amble and sink.
And vulnerose…thrive across the velvet black.
Aeternaliter vivere in vacuo

Eternal Depression.

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  1. Any way to get a digital download next month with the preorder?