ANTI-001 ::: maudlin of the Well - "Part the Second" 2xLP

The fan funded progressive/experimental masterpiece by maudlin of the Well. Songs that were originally written as early as 1997 have been fully realized here, over a decade later. A testament to what truly original music can be.

Double LP, includes 2 sided insert

Final (random) pressing info:
Sunburst - 16
White - 66
White w/ Yellow Swirl - 196
White w/ Light Blue Swirl - 231

ANTI-002 ::: Kayo Dot - "Stained Glass" 12" EP

Kayo Dot's Stained Glass. 20 minutes of beautiful, synth heavy avant experimentalism. Includes a vinyl exclusive "de-mix" on the B side, lyrics insert and 11x17 poster.

Features the return of original Kayo Dot lyricist Jason Byron, as well as a guest appearance by electric guitar genius Trey Spruance (Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle).

Pressing Info:
200 - Teal Blue
200 - Purple
100 - Black, Hand Numbered

ANTI-003 ::: Terzij de Horde - "A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light" 12" EP

Terzij de Horde play an furious style of black metal with doom and hardcore influences. Their debut album "A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light" features 4 tracks that stretch across 28 minutes and range from sludgy down tempo doom passages to driving thunderous blackened metal. The band is excellent at their craft, and are not to be missed!

Pressing Info:
300 - Black
200 - Gold

ANTI-004 ::: East of the Wall - "The Apologist" 2xLP

A progressive jazzy metal masterpiece. The talent of these 5 musicians knows no end.

Pressing info:
250 - Gold/Black Swirl
150 - Clear/Black Swirl
100 - Black

ANTI-005 ::: Young and in the Way - "V. Eternal Depression" 12"

Young and in the Way return with their heaviest and most experimental album yet. This album is devastating. The guitar tone is downright ruthless. The vocals are scathing and brutal. From the opening solemn piano, to the sound of a distant train that brings the album to a close, you will be absolutely pummeled by everything in between. The band has pushed themselves harder than ever before, both as musicians and as song writers, and it is clearly evident here.

Includes 2 sided insert

Pressing info:
250 - Black w/ Heavy White Splatter

ANTI-006 ::: WILDERNESSKING - "The Writing of Gods in the Sand"

ANTI-007 & 8 ::: maudlin of the Well - "Bath & Leaving Your Body Map" 4xLP + 7" Box Set

ANTI-009 ::: Nooumena - "Argument with Eagerness"

ANTI-010 ::: Book of Sand - "The Face of the Waters"