Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bath & Leaving Your Body Map

I know a lot of you are wondering about the details for the maudlin of the Well Bath & Leaving Your Body Map box set.  I've recently been back in touch w/ Dark Symphonies and the release is still a go.  Here are the details that I'm planning for the set:

500 4xLP sets on 180 gram vinyl, housed in a matte black box with foil stamped motW logo on the cover
Each disc will be in its own full color inner sleeve
Bath vinyl will be black & yellow, half & half
Leaving Your Body Map will be black & red, half & half
I would like to include an 11x17 poster, or inserts as well

The original artwork was sold a long time ago and is no longer available for scanning to make the cover images vinyl size.  I'm going to discuss re-creating the images for this release, so they don't have to be printed at small scale to look clean.

Needless to say, this is going to be an awesome release.  I'm so glad we've been given the opportunity to bring these albums to life on vinyl, 10 years after their original release.  These are going to be quite expensive to produce, so I may need to start pre-orders early to get this monster off the ground.  I've got a goal of 200 pre-orders to make it happen.  It won't posted until all the artwork is finalized, since that is a moving target right now, with Kayo Dot touring in Europe through the end of February.  Once things are moving, I'll set a date for when the pre-order will be live and we'll see what happens!  Spread the word.