Friday, August 12, 2011

Terzij de Horde 12" Vinyl Preorder is Live!

The time is finally here.  The test pressings have been approved by both the band and Antithetic, so we are moving forward with pressing the Terzij de Horde vinyl immediately!  These will be ready to ship by the week of September 12th.  The preorder is now live in our store.  We are going to do another preorder giveaway for this release, similar to our Stained Glass giveaway.  This time we are only offering one prize, but its awesome!  Here are the details:

Preorder the album and you will receive an entry to win the giveaway for each item in your cart (order 5 items, including the TdH vinyl, you have 5 chances to win!)

Winner will be chosen at random, and will receive the following:

-One Test press of the album, #4/15

-The ORIGINAL hand drawn artwork for the latest Terzij de Horde shirts, by Mr Michiel Eikenaar of Dodecahedron. Here's a photo of it, currently hanging on Johan's wall:

and a brief description of the meaning behind the design from the band here:

These guys have great taste, don't they?  Head over to the store to preorder your copy today


  1. I haven't heard of these guys or this record, but I'll pick up a copy because my tastes always seem to jive pretty well with what you put out.

    Now I just have to wait for the next paycheck...

  2. Thanks Tim! I really appreciate your support man.