Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Exciting Updates!

Last week saw the arrival of the Stained Glass records, which was very exciting.  All the preorders have been packed and shipped, and its time for some updates on our next two releases.  We will have the test pressings for the Terzij de Horde album in hand this week, and if all goes well, they'll be approved next week and put into production!  We're cooking up another great preorder giveaway for this one, so get ready!  Also be on the lookout for news on the upcoming split between Terzij de Horde and Starve, which will be out this fall as well.  They just completed the first recording session, and will finish up in a couple weeks.  Stay up to date with them on their thoroughly up to date blog here: http://terzijdehorde.blogspot.com/  I'll try to get copies for our distro section when the vinyl is finished.  I've heard an instrumental version of the new 14+ min track and its phenomenal.  It ranges from very mellow and calm to extremely intense, and the ending is nothing short of amazing.  Cannot wait to hear the finished product, and to see what these guys will do on their full length.

Next up is the brand new East of the Wall 2xLP "The Apologist".  All the artwork is complete, the 24/96 vinyl audio masters are finished, and everything has been sent off to the pressing plant.  This will see a release on October 26th along with the digital/CD version through Translation Loss records.  We will be offering a preorder on the vinyl alongside TL's CD version.  More details and dates will be posted soon.  Just bear in mind, after listening to the digital version 5-6 times, I finally listened to the vinyl master on my reference monitors in my studio, and all I have to say is you are seriously missing out if you don't have a turntable!!  Don't sleep on this, I have a feeling these are going to fly.

I'll post some images of the cover art and the vinyl packaging very soon!  These are going to be badass.

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