Thursday, August 4, 2011

maudlin of the Well Update - Kayo Dot Newsletter

Greetings again everyone.  If you're signed up to receive the Kayo Dot newsletter, you're probably here to get an update regarding our upcoming maudlin of the Well box set release.  Things have been quiet about this set recently, but trust when I say that its not for lack of progress behind the scenes.  We were just waiting for the right time to divulge some more information.  The time has come!  Here are the details so far, with some secrets revealed, and some still in store for a later date:

-4xLP + 7" Box Set - You read correctly, the set will now be featuring a separate 7" for "The Secret Song"!
-500 sets in total, EVER.  This set will not be repressed.
-High resolution scans of ALL of the original artwork have been recovered and will be used to create all new vinyl sized layouts for these albums, meticulously pieced together by Toby Driver (who hasn't seen this art in a VERY long time himself!)
-Digital download card will be included for both albums
-All audio will be remastered for the vinyl format
-These are being done as a split release (as we've stated before) between Antithetic and Blood Music out of Finland.  US and CANADA buyers will purchase through the Antithetic store, the rest of the world will purchase from the Blood Music storefront.  Please be certain to follow these guidelines!  Any international purchase made in the Antithetic store for this item will be refunded.
-Other goodies: This is still a work in progress as we determine what is feasible to include, and how many copies will include what items.  Possibilities at the moment are a poster, patch, motW shirt, guitar pick, etc.  None of these are set in stone as of yet and will be announced as soon as the final decisions are made.

So as soon as we finalize these last few items and can nail down the price, we will start taking preorders for this item.  Please bear in mind that this will likely be $65-70 depending on the final feature set.  Since this is such a huge undertaking, we will kindly ask for your patience once your order has been placed!  In order to make this a reality, we will need to sell roughly 175 sets through each store (Antithetic and Blood Music).  I don't believe this is an unreasonable goal at all, considering the overwhelming response we've received regarding this set so far.  We thank you for your patience thus far, and are thrilled to finally be moving this set forward!

More soon.



  1. This is amazing!
    Can't wait too!

  2. Oh my god. Please do posters and shirts. And picks. I´D KILL FOR A MOTW SHIRT!

  3. Re: other goodies: something I always appreciate about records is the stuff that comes with them - I love when there are a ton of things to read and pore over included in the sleeve/box; makes the whole package feel complete and comprehensive. To that end, I think a making-of (or other things) written by the band members or those close to them would be a fantastic thing to include in the set.

    For example, one of the most treasured records in my collection is Have a Nice Life's "Deathconsciousness", and a big reason why is because it comes with an amazing little book explaining the history and philosophies of the record's meaning. The experience of reading the literature while the record is on the turntable is almost unmatched.

    And definitely count me down for one (or two!).

  4. Thanks for the suggestions and comments. Keep em coming!

  5. I have to agree with Tjgavlick, one of my favorite bands, Opeth (surprise surprise) includes little journal entries with some of their records telling the stories about the recording sessions and the influences on the record. I'd like to read about the recording sessions/band history from maudlin of the Well as well :D. If its feasible of course. I mean, since the band is somewhat done with it would be cool to hear their last thoughts on what they created and how they felt about it. Doesn't even need to be long, it could just be an insert or written on the inside of one of the sleeves (maybe the secret song 7"?)

  6. Hope I'm not the only one that checks this page 20 times a day.

  7. shirt idea! kinda obvious one at that. on the front, the color section from the cover of bath offset to the right, just like the album, with the same on the back only with lybm's art, and maybe even without a logo to make it ultra obscure. an opposite version might be cool as well for the one's that prefer lybm. probably get more people buying two copies as a result... on second thought, print shirts separate from the albums.

  8. if the boxsets sell out fast then please promise to make more shirts since i'd kill for the boxset and t-shirt but might not be able to afford both. also thank you for keeping the legend of this band alive.

  9. is there a place to pre order for this now??? if so where?!?!?!? this is truly incredible news and i dont want to miss out

  10. "is there a place to pre order for this now??? if so where?!?!?!? this is truly incredible news and i dont want to miss out" that's what I want to know, too!

  11. The red design look amazing, it kinda looks like a painting. Thank you very much and have a nice day.