Saturday, January 8, 2011


Things have been pretty quiet around here for the last couple of months.  I wanted to give everyone an update on our plans for 2011.  We would like to put out at least 2 more releases this year, most likely starting with Irepress' Samus Octology (which was originally confirmed last summer with the label), and then following up with the Animals as Leaders album.  These have been posted as "coming soon" in the store for months, but not much has been going on with them in the background.  Its time to get things moving again!

As far as other future releases go, Antithetic has been in contact with Dark Symphonies in hopes of releasing the earlier maudlin of the Well albums on vinyl.  Originally these were not on the table, but we asked again just to be safe, and we're glad that we did!  It's confirmed that Antithetic Records will have licensing rights to release the first 3 motW albums on vinyl!  Our initial thoughts are to release Bath and Leaving Your Body Map as a 4LP box set.  Not sure exactly when this will happen, but all in due time.  We have also been in contact with Hydra Head Records about doing a vinyl release for Kayo Dot's Stained Glass EP.  This one is also available to us for licensing, so it will be on our radar as a future release as well.  It will be great to work with Toby again on all of these.  The first albums on my wishlist before this label was started were Bath and LYBM, so its awesome to know that we will be giving these a vinyl release.

We are also planning on making some stickers with our new logo, and a few shirts just because we think its so awesome.

I think that's about it for now.  We're excited about this year and can't wait to work with some new bands, as well as our friends.  Thanks for making 2010 a great start!


  1. Possibly the greatest news I have heard all month. Thanks for your dedication, guys!

  2. Very nice. Part the Second turned out absolutely amazing. Looking forward to the early motW and Stained Glass!