Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer & Fall Updates

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts here on the main site.  We've been keeping pretty current with our facebook page, but haven't had enough news to really merit a post over here until now.  So, let's get to it! 

Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife Vinyl & CD
If you happened to order just the CD version of Gamma Knife, you should have received it in the past week or so (depending on where you live in the world), as they have all been shipped.  The vinyl is due to arrive in the Antithetic headquarters on June 21st, and we'll pack up all our open orders as soon as they arrive, and ship them out over the weekend.  We'll announce the winner of the test press for the pre-order contest this Friday!  If you haven't preordered but want to be eligible for the contest, move quickly!!

Also, Kayo Dot will be on tour this August on the West Coast!  There are a few East Coast dates in mid July as well.  They'll have copies of Gamma Knife with them on tour, so go and show your support!!

Wildernessking - The Writing of Gods in the Sand 2xLP
 The test pressings for this beast of an album have been approved and the vinyl is in full production.  Sorry for the long delay on this album.  Rest assured that everything is moving along nicely and we should have the finished product shipped in July.  I have created the screen and ordered the blank jackets for the special Test Press covers, and will be placing the order for the shirts in the next week!  Thanks to everyone for your support of this great band, they deserve it.  There's still time to get your preorder in and have it ship with the first wave of orders!  We're doing only 300 of these, across 3 different colors, and they're going fast!  Pick up a copy here.

In related news, Wildernessking have just finished a brand new EP, and a video!  The EP is limited to only 100 copies on CD, and they band have pressed them independently.  I'll be sure to post news on where to pick up a copy as soon as they make them available.  I've heard the main song from the EP titled "And The Night Swept Us Away" and it was amazing.  These guys are a force. 

Nick Hudson - Letters to the Dead Special Edition LP + DVD
Our pal Nick Hudson is feverishly working on completing his Antithetic debut "Letters to the Dead".  We are going to be working directly with UK label Alter Clef to bring this amazing album to the world as a co-release.  Strictly limited to 300 copies on vinyl, it will feature a screen printed cover w/ Calligraphy by Gerald Mynott, a fold out full color insert (11x22, 2 sided!!) and a DVD with visuals to accompany the music.  Did we mention that Nick has quite the list of famous friends being featured on this release as well?  None other than motW/Kayo Dot members Toby Driver and Greg Massi (currently in Baliset), as well as Stuart Dahlquist (Sun O))) & Asva), and a host of other uber talented musicians.  This entire package will be a thing of beauty, and we're incredibly excited to be a part of it!

In the next week or so, Nick will be starting a Crowfunder (similar to Kickstarter) for this project, as he would like to offer a CD version, as well as some other limited edition goodies that seem right for a fundraiser.  I'll post more details on that as soon as it's live!

The Great Old Ones - Al Azif 2xLP

The response to Al Azif so far has been nothing short of amazing!  These guys have created something special with this debut, and the plethora of glowing reviews makes that perfectly clear.  We're down to our last 30 copies of the limited digipack version of the CD (only 300 worldwide!).  Some people have been asking about the vinyl version of this album, so I wanted to post about it as well.  We're definitely planning to do this vinyl this year, but the preorder dates/etc. haven't been finalized as of yet.  We want to get the Gamma Knife and Wildernessking vinyl orders out the door before posting another preorder!  The details of the pressing are still being discussed, but it will no doubt be an awesome package to go with such fantastic music.  If you haven't listened to these guys yet, get to it!

Other Planned Releases
We've got a lot on our plate for the next year or so.  Here's what else we have planned, with no definite release date:

maudlin of the Well - My Fruit Psychobells 2xLP - Yes, we're still on track to release this final motW album, bringing their full discography to vinyl! Dark Symphonies is gathering all the essential materials (art, audio, etc.) to get this one going later this year.  We'll keep everyone updated as it progresses.

Young and in the Way / Moral Void Split 7" - We'll be working with YAITW again on this split with Moral Void from Chicago. This promises to be another ripping addition to their catalog!

Votnut EP 7" - Votnut is an aggressive grind/hardcore band from North Carolina.  Featuring a member of Young and in the Way, this EP will rip your face off, then stomp on it.  Seriously, it fucking destroys, have a listen here.

Botanist / Palace of Worms Split EP on CD & Tape - We were so impressed with the quality of the first Botanist album (actually a double album) that we contacted them about working together on a future release.  We're excited to announce that we'll be putting out a split EP with Botanist and Palace of Worms in the Spring of 2013.  The audio is complete, and is amazing.  Botanist have again created something unlike anything you've heard before.  Swirling and flowing rhythms, dark melodies, just excellent stuff.  Palace of Worms offers up high level black metal that is truly unique.  This marks our first tape release!  Artwork will be handled by the most excellent Natvres Mortes.

Wildernessking / The Great Old Ones Split 7" - The guys in Wildernessking and TGOO are working on a split together.  Not just any old split, they're putting together 2 songs collaboratively. The best of French and South African black metal swirled together on some new vinyl. Coming 2013.

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  1. Have the plans to release The Postman Syndrome LP been abandoned?