Monday, December 19, 2011

Wildernessking New Track Debut!

The first new track by Wildernessking is finally available to stream and as a FREE DOWNLOAD on the band's bandcamp page.  The track is titled "Rubicon" and is the first song on their upcoming Antithetic Records debut "The Writing of Gods in the Sand".  The song is a perfect album opener, starting with a vortex of screams exploding into black metal assault on your senses.  As the songs flows, you will hear more atmospheric segments, and elements of thrash as well.  An excellent preview of a downright fantastic album!  We are extremely excited to be releasing this album, both on limited CD and Vinyl! 

CD can be preordered now for only $8 at our store.  Vinyl will be underway in the coming months, for a spring 2012 release. 

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